यस्याभवद्भक्तजनार्तिहन्तुः पितृत्वमन्येष्वविचार्यतूर्णम् ।
स्तम्भेवतारस्तमनन्यलभ्यं लक्ष्मीनृसिंहं शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥

श्रीमान् वेङ्कटनाथार्यः कवितार्किककेसरी ।
वेदान्ताचार्यवर्यो मे सन्निधत्तां सदा हृदि ॥

Welcome to Sankalpam, a collection of articles authored by Sri M K Srinivasan and Smt Lakshmi Srinivasan. A majority of them are on the subject of Srivaishnavism, while some others are on ethics, education and self-development. Most of them have been published in different magazines and journals; a few are unpublished.

Srivaishnavism is a branch of Hinduism focusing on devotion to Vishnu, who is ever accompanied by Sri (Lakshmi). Visishtadvaita is the philosophy of Srivaishnavism, having its roots in the Vedas which are universally accepted as the earliest Hindu scriptures available today. More than a century after Sri Ramanuja, another preceptor called Sri Vedanta Desika came on the scene and wrote several works explaining the Ramanuja-siddhanta (Ramanuja's philosophy), resolving points of difference and offereing clarifications on many issues. For more, please refer to the short introduction to Sri Vaishnavism.


Sankalpam is an on-going project, and the articles contained are intended to give gleanings about this great philosophy so as to enthuse the visitors to know more about it through conventional means under a competent preceptor. Some of them have appeared in various journals like Sri NrisimhapriyaSri Ranganatha PadukaSri Kanchi PerarulalamSri HayagrivapriyaSri Hayagriva SevakaSri Desika SevaSri Vedanta Desika VidyaAnjali, besides some souvenirs and commemoration issues. All the articles on sankalpam that have previously appeared in various publications are reproduced here with permission.